Doll Mania

Saturday, November 06, 2004

To Win

To win I guess person of the day you must E-mail me one good and bad thing,and one thing I could improve the site. I will pick an e-mail and e-mail you to tell you that you have one and I will make you a doll.


If you are a fan of gaia please tell me who you are and I will give you a special deal on dolls! If you are not a fan on gaia I am sorry but I will have to get a describtion of what you look like and your favriote color and if you are picked for the prize of the day I will make a doll look like what you tell me.


Welcome one and all to doll mania! The olny doll site that you can look and mabey even get a prize if you are specialy picked! If you want a free doll made Just 4 you just e-mail me!

Ps. my E-mail is